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You already know the basics of choosing good cabinetry. Consider your budget carefully and go with the best cabinet brand you can afford. Have a professional designer evaluate your space and assist in the layout of an elegant and functional workspace. Measure your space with unstinting precision and consider the styles and options that fit your family best.

But what other factors should you be thinking of? What special tips could make all the difference?

Light It Up!

Lighting in any room can have a dramatic effect. The placement of lighting in a remodeling job, especially lighting integrated with your cabinetry, is a modern touch of style and convenience. Consider lighting that activates automatically, upon the opening of a cabinet or drawer.

Today’s LED options can be used to create a pleasant and inviting space, whether preparing meals or enjoying a gathering with family and friends. Overhead, recessed, under cabinet, strip, puck, fluorescent, battery-powered, or hardwired, the choices are exciting ones.

Create Easy Access

Design your cabinets with all the storage space you need, but also consider ease of access to all the kitchen tools and gear you’ve stored away. Think of doors instead of drawers in base cabinets. Drawers require less effort to find and reach the tools you need. Stacked drawer cabinets add to the storage efficiency of a kitchen, and experts suggest including at least one stacked drawer cabinet for every double-door one

Another popular approach is to dedicate a wall for floor-to-ceiling storage, and don’t forget to choose extra deep cabinets when you can.

Layout your cabinets not only for elegance and style, but so that your most useful items are within easy reach.

Know Your Work Triangle

The first rule of kitchen design is to create a functional workspace. This is often called the work triangle. You don’t want to have to hike from the refrigerator to the sink or stove.

Cabinets are an important part of the work triangle. Consider whether the cabinetry you’ve chosen to be near each appliance is ready to store the appropriate tools you’ll be using in that space. Think of the counter space you’ll need if the family is in to blended drinks or you anticipate heavy use of a toaster oven.

A couple common sense rules overlooked more often than you think:

Make sure all drawers and cabinets open fully and don’t run into anything. An open cabinet or drawer shouldn’t block traffic, trap you in a corner, or prevent you from opening another cabinet or drawer.

Anticipate how many people will be working in the kitchen at once, especially during the holidays. Can two cooks do their work easily without crowding each other out?

You’ll love the convenience of your new kitchen every day when it’s not only beautiful, but helps you live your lifestyle with ease.

Vertical Dividers and Spice Pull Outs

Drawers and cabinets can be more effective when the organization on the inside receives as much attention as the look on the outside.

Vertical dividers help your store a variety of large, flat kitchen tools, including cutting boards, cookie sheets, muffin tins, platters, baking pans, pie dishes, large lids, and even cooling racks. Choose adjustable dividers where possible.

Every kitchen has its collection of spices. When stored on a shelf, it can be difficult to find what you need when you need it, as the spice bottles in the front row hide everything else behind. A great convenience is to have a pullout cabinet with tiered shelves installed next to your food preparation area.

From cookie sheets to parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, you won’t regret the extra expense of putting the tools and spices you need most often at your fingertips.

Choose Reputation over Price

Everyone wants a good deal. The thing about saving a few dollars is — it’s a short-lived satisfaction. When you’ve waited years for the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen or bath, isn’t it time to buy the best you can afford? Years from now, you won’t remember how much you’ve saved, but you will be living with the results of your decisions today.

Save yourself from dissatisfaction. Buy quality brands, engage the help of a professional designer, and hire an installation crew with a reputation for reliability and customer service after the sale.

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